I dream of juniper

My name is Alex and I’m a lover of juniper.

That is my confession.

My drink of choice is gin. My cologne has juniper notes to it. I just love the aromas and the flavours that come along with it. And so, when it came to getting back into blogging, choosing a title was an easy one. The hard part is actually writing things, and making it look pretty around here.

Why am I here?

Well, I don’t know. Perhaps, for once, this blog will spur me on to actually do the things I want and chase the dreams I’m currently pushing to one side. All work and no play makes Alex a dull boy, you¬†know! Or, perhaps it will just be a place for me to dip in and out of and scribble my scribblings. Only time will tell.

So, now you know.

On with the show.