Treat Yo’Self Tuesday

If Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari, Parks & Recreation) taught me anything, it’s that once in a while you gots to treat yo’self.

This month, I jumped the gun a bit. I’m pretty sure I have plenty of treats coming up in the next 30 days anyway — like the release of a new Pokemon game, which means extra bonding time with some of my favourite people (that’s the people I work with). But, as that comes out at the end of this month, it’s far enough away that I can treat myself today too.

Along with a love of all things juniper, I also have the travel bug. I get antsy if I stay in one place for too long. I try to vary my route home, just so I can drive through different neighbourhoods. And there is nothing more fun than getting lost. I’m serious. On my first trip to Venice, alone, I was probably one of the few Anglophones in the city whose head was not buried in a map, meaning I got horribly, terribly and irreversibly lost to the point that I had to stop in a neighbourhood fire station at nearly midnight to ask for directions to my hotel… but it also meant that I got to see things that weren’t on the tourist trail, and I love that side of travel.

Long story short: I decided to treat myself to a short break to Paris next February. It’s the first month I’m allowed to book paid leave from work because of how busy we are during the holiday season. I’m also contracted to work weekends, so it’s not even a weekend break. Just a few days in the middle of the week in the capital of France, as you do. It has given me something to look forward to, something to continue planning — because I kind of need to sort accommodation next month — and something to tweak over the next three months. I’m thinking museums, coffee, nightlife and of course Disneyland.

The moral of the story is: